Using Colour Mood Boards For Inspiration

There’s no end to the sources of inspiration when it comes to interior decor and design. Instagram and Pinterest are playgrounds for this kind of thing – there are endless designers, decorators, furniture makers, artists, architects, and design magazines who hunt down beautiful interiors from around the world.

But for colour palettes, we like to look beyond that and get a little creative.

Don’t limit yourself to what you see within four walls. We’ve been inspired by everything from colourful doors to peacocks to spring flowers to the dishes at a local cafe. Sometimes you find the most perfect shade of pink in the peony at the flower market or see the ocean and think that colour would look just right in your guest bedroom.

Doors in Paris, tiles in Morocco, high fashion heels, couture wedding cakes, even unusual gift wrapping, can all spark an idea that then leads to something beautiful.

One of the best ways to inspire ideas for your next room re-design is by putting together a colour mood board. Just gather the different images and colours that strike a chord with you and put them in one place so you can refer to it as you go along in the planning process. You might find that you’re particularly drawn to a certain tone as you look over all of the pieces you’ve gathered, or even discover an unexpectedly delightful colour combination!

And if you have a vague idea of what you want but aren’t quite sure how to shape it into something tangible that would translate well in your home and budget, consider hiring a professional interior designer/decorator. They can take the mood board you’ve created and elevate it to the next level with a variety of ideas, whether it’s noticing your preference for metals and suggesting copper penny tiles for the kitchen or seeing your love of moody blue tones and sourcing a beautiful velvet armchair in a perfect dark teal.

We’ve gathered some of our favourite colour inspirations and then some interiors to show how those colours have been worked in – take a peek!

Blue Inspiration

Blue Interiors

Green Inspiration

Green Interiors

Pink Inspiration

Pink Interiors

Metal Inspiration

Metal Interiors

Live in colour 🙂


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